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BJD resin casting

Hi, my name is Berta, and I’m offering my services for resin casting of small dolls and figures in the European Union.

We use a pressure pot to minimize bubbles in the resin as much as possible, but we don’t have professional vacuum casting machines, so our service is only suitable for a small artist production. We can’t make large dolls or a big number of dolls at the same time.

Making the silicone mold and casting the dolls can take 1~2 months.


Reproducible figures

We only work with original models. You might have to provide photographic evidence of the sculpting process to show that you are the author of the work.

The doll must be made of a hard and resistant material, with the proper finish in the surface and the proper structure inside to be suitable for silicone casting.


Work process

  1. Contact us and provide info, measurements and pictures of your doll. We will check if your doll structure is suitable for casting and give you the production cost and an approximate production time.
  2. You send your prototype to us. Pack it properly because it might be damaged during shipping, and ensure that the surface is totally dry before packing it.
  3. When the doll arrive to us, we will check that it arrived in good conditions and if it is suitable for casting. In case it needs some fixing, we will contact you.
  4. We will proceed to make the silicone mold and the resin casting. It approximately takes 1~2 months to complete the order.


In the European Union

We are located in Spain, and by now we preferably work with artists located in the European Union. Receiving international parcels might have an extra cost in Custom taxes.


Our resin & colors

We use high quality polyurethane resin with UV blocker. We made test of many resins under sun for months, to ensure that we used the best one.

We mix our own colors, and we can make customs colors for you for an extra cost (since we need to buy the pigments.